10 Most Beautiful Iranian Women ( Persian) (#2 is beautiful)

By | February 18, 2018

Iran is a land of rich history, culture, and beautiful Persian women. Iran which was famous as Persia is one of the oldest civilization on the earth. The country is also renowned for its exotic beauty. Persian girls have fair skin and black hair, which is a killer combination. Most of the Iranian Woman inherited the genes of Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asians, South Asian and Africa

Beautiful Iranian Women

Persian women are very romantic, intelligent, caring and straightforward. They care more about their beauty and very particular about their dressing style. Well if you are looking single Iranian woman and wanted to date her then your chances are pretty low, as they want the best life partner.

If you can find Iranian Girlfriend, then you don’t have to worry about your food, as they are very good at cooking traditional Iranian dishes. Well, we have listed Top 10 beautiful Iranian women, which are most desirable by Men.

10) Claudia Lynx

Claudia is treat for the eyes, her black hair and fair skin is just tempting. She is successful Iranian- Persian model and actress.  Claudia Lynx

9) Elnaz Shakerdoust

Elnaz has all the characteristics of Persian women; she is fair, beautiful and intelligent. She is very simple, but her beauty is so much appealing.
Elnaz Shakerdoust

8) Aylar Lie

When it comes to hotness, then Aylar beats all. She is one of the hottest Iranian beauty of current time. Aylar is Actress, model, singer, and former pornographic actress. She shoots to fame after appearing on Big brother. Don’t you think, she is more beautiful than Ukrainian woman
aylar lie

7) Sarah Shahi

No one can beat the hotness of NFL cheerleader. She is currently working in American television industry and highly desirable among the teens of US.
sarah shahi

6) Nazanin Mandi

Her Short curly hair and tanned skin are too much exotic. Nazanin is the goddess of a perfect body.
Nazanin Mandi

5)  Sahar Biniaz

Sahar was Iranian beauty pageant winner and well-known actress. She got perfect killer curves.
Sahar Biniaz

4) Maryam Zakaria

Maryam beauty is way too hot to handle. She is a very famous actress in India and has done many movies. Many people think she more beautiful then Indian Woman.
Maryam Zakaria

3) Shermine Shahrivar

Shermine Shahrivar is an in Iranian model and Winner of Miss Europe 2005. She is also fitness freak and maintains her figure.
shermine shahrivar

2) Nazanin Boniadi

Nazanin is beautiful Persian women, which is a dream of anyone. Defiantly she is the first choice for many adults.
Nazanin Boniadi

1) Mahlagha Jaberi

Mahlagha Jaberi is on the top of the list; she is gorgeous Iranian woman and social media star. She is desirable by hundreds of men around the world.
Mahlagha Jaberi

6 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Iranian Women ( Persian) (#2 is beautiful)

  1. mehrnoosh

    im a iranian girl . yes its true but even there are more beautiful women and girl here some girls like mahlagha .. but they are not famous.

  2. jasan

    It is crazy, these women are truly gorgeous. they are famous and beloved in Iran. your website has the best list of beauties of Iran. Apparently, all of them except Elnaz are even not living in Iran mostly just have Iranian parents. But if you search better you would find better examples inside of Iran.

  3. maede

    Hello, I hope you are fine. I’m an Iranian girl. Your blog is awesome, but the photos you show are not very beautiful. Iranian girls are very beautiful and there are beautiful things about them. Photos were not very beautiful, and there are good examples on Google. Thanks for this awesome blog.

  4. arash

    I am Iranian. These women have a lot of reputation and if you search more people


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