Top 10 Beautiful Latvian women and Ultimate Dating tips(#3 is gorgeous)

By | July 3, 2017

When it comes to tallest and prettiest then no one can deny that Latvian women are most beautiful on the earth. In a recent survey Latvian girls are found tallest on the earth. They are taller than Lithuanian Women and beautiful then Armenian women.

If we talk about Latvian female physical characteristics then they are tall, silky hair, juicy lips and porcelain skin. They are also very fit and healthy as obesity rate among ladies is very less.

Dating Latvian Women

According to BBC there are more women than man in Latvia and due to that they are not able to find partner easily. Moreover education rate is higher among the women. If you are well educated person with good income then you have higher chance that will get good Latvian Girl for marriage.


Latvia is small country with small population so best way to date Latvian women is visit the nation and find the prettiest girl or use local dating website. there is also good news for foreigner that Latvian ladies are like to marry other national person mainly because shortage of good man.

Now you must be wondering that where to find this beauty? Well you can visit night club, pubs at night time or coffee bar or social gathering place. Praise her for her looks and beauty as they will appreciate it.


Why are Latvian women so beautiful?

There is theory that why Latvian women are beautiful? Well there is some strong reason behind it such as female to male ration is very low.  So there is competition among the girls to get good men. Because of that women work on their physical appearance, dressing and personality. They also do lot of exercise so that they will remain physically fit and attractive. Moreover Latvian women are also sexually open then other nation women due to shortage of men.

Check out 10 most beautiful Latvian women on earth.

1) Ieva Lagūna

Ieva Lagūna is a Latvian super model. She was also angel in Victoria’s Secret. Ieva also appeared for vogue magazine cover. She has worked for designers such as Shiatzy Chen, Nina Ricci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria’s Secret, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, and Michael Kors.Ieva Lagūna

2) Ksenia Solo

Ksenia Solo is a famous actress. She is currently working in American television series and appeared in many movies. Ksenia is also famous for her blue eyes.Ksenia Solo

3) Julia Lescova

Julia Lescova is also super model from Latvia and face of many big brands. She was also winner of best model award and Julia was the face for Guess in 2011.Julia Lescova

4) Agata Mutsenietse

Agata Mutsenietse is actress and beautiful Latvian women. she has got famous from her movie Zakrytaya shkola.  Agata Mutsenietse

5) Ginta Lapiņa

Ginta is model from Riga. She has worked for some of the best brands of the world.  She has endorsed brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Valentino and many others.Ginta Lapiņa

6) Ingūna Butāne

Ingūna Butāne or Inguna, is a Latvian model and interior designer. She is face of Armani Jeans, Bergdorf Goodman, Dolce & Gabbana, L’Oréal and many other brands.Ingūna Butāne

7) Svieta Nemkova

Nemkova is beautiful girl with green eyes. Svieta is one of the sexiest women of Latvia.Svieta Nemkova

08) Ieva Kokoreviča

Ieva Kokoreviča is beauty pageant winner and model of Latvia. She has also represented her country in Miss Universe.Ieva Kokoreviča

09) Ilze Bajare

Ilze Bajare is model and actress from Riga.  She is one of the hottest Latvian model and famous for her gorgeous hair.Ilze Bajare

10) Karlina Caune

Karlina Caune is gorgeous girl and winner of Ford Supermodel of the World 2010. She got natural blonde hair and blue eyes.Karlina Caune

Top 10 Beautiful Latvian women and Ultimate Dating tips
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Top 10 Beautiful Latvian women and Ultimate Dating tips
Latvian women are most beautiful women on earth. they are modern, educated and intelligent and prettiest of all. Latvian girls are also very tall.
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